Lighting Solution

M2R Solutions Limited plays an important role of a distributor and dealer of lighting brands from different countries.

We dedicate to provide comprehensive lighting solutions and strive for continued innovation in LED lighting.

LED Display

Our LED display system helps you to deliver clear messages to the target audience by vivid colors, dynamic graphics, rolling text and video clips.

Licensing Consulting

M2R has extensive experience and specializes in the application for various licenses as well as design and decoration works. With our professional knowledge and efficient team, we are committed to providing you quality services and engineering projects. We keep close with the licensing authority to achieve the shortest possible time of license application.

A and A Work

Our services include conversion of an existing building, wholesale conversion of an existing industrial building, adding water tanks, canopies, shelters, structural frames for advertisement signboards, etc.

Interior Design and Fitout

M2R aims to achieve client's requirement within a reasonable budget range with our innovative and experience mindset. Moreover, we provide one-stop service including preliminary evaluation, shop design, decoration and fitting out works, etc. Our professional design team provides accurate drawings for planning approvals and office space design & drawings.


M2R Solution provide one-stop service: LED visual solution consultation, hardware supply and installation. Our mission is to provide most effective way of outdoor advertising in Hong Kong best locations. With our young and energetic team, we continuous to pursuit of excellence in terms of quality and service.